Seizing the Moment, Obama’s Inaugural Address

Listening to the 2nd Inaugural address delivered by President Obama and the whole pageantry of the occasion, I was struck by two themes; we the people and fairness. His theme of “we the people’ included the issues of; keeping the promise of social security, medicare and medicaid; responding to global climate change; fairness in how we somehow respond to wage and income differences, gender, equality and immigration. For readers, here is the full, actual text of this speech. And thank your for inviting Myrlie Evers to speak. That was a treat. Continue reading “Seizing the Moment, Obama’s Inaugural Address”


What Gets Decided Where?

^& Fatal Flaws of Federal Funding

Where and who makes decisions is important for any organization as it grows and becomes more complex. For government, this was hotly debated since the inception of a “United States of America.” This is fundamental to unraveling the fiscal crisis our communities and nation faces. Much of the political roadblocks to any compromise is rooted in a fundamental view rooted in what gets decided where. This has evolved into an almost religious fervor and as such is beyond any reason or common sense.

Let’s consider highways for a moment. Surely, these are viewed as valuable and central to the good functioning of our society, our local communities and even the overall economic welfare of our country. So how are our highways funded and maintained?




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