Six Rules for the Effective Non-Profit

Non-profit organizations whether they are small, storefront churches, the American Red Cross or anything in between really have to learn a few basic rules to be successful. Continue reading “Six Rules for the Effective Non-Profit”


Four Things an Effective Leader Does to Create a Safe Learning Environment

There is a great story of a up and coming executive in a company who made a critical judgement in assessing the marketplace and lost the company over $10 million. This was a large company, so it did not threaten its survival, but it was a significant error and loss. When he met with the CEO of the company to discuss the issue, Continue reading “Four Things an Effective Leader Does to Create a Safe Learning Environment”

Words We Affirm Have Power

Affirmations, or repeating words or phrases out loud do have the power to keep us attuned to the definitions and to the outcomes they define and engender. Here are a few of mine. What are yours? Continue reading “Words We Affirm Have Power”

Maximizing Linkedin

Do you know how to maximize your Linkedin profile?

Linkedin is the fastest growing professional network, with over 135 million individuals and growing at 10 new users every 5 seconds. For physicians and medical practices involved in pain management, Linkedin offers great opportunities to grow your practice; improve and enhance your image and find new patients.


Setup and Brand Your Company and Professional Profiles


First, Linkedin offers medical practices and pain management professionals, aka algarity the opportunity to create a Company Profile and a personal or professional profile. Your company profile can offer all the specifics of your practice, including directions, contact information and all your employees and other professionals can be connected here. This allows you to brand your practice.


Your personal or professional profile allows you to list your education, awards and past employment. You can connect with colleagues, patients and others via this profile. It is easy to connect to people you already know create a powerful network.



Maximizing Your Professional Profile


For medical practitioners, your professional profile, you have three important areas to consider. First are your titles and roles. Second is your headline and third is the summary about you. These three need to have the same keywords that describe you and your practice. The search functions in Linkedin highlight in bold matches for people searching for people, expertise or experiences. Making these three areas work together improves your changes of the right people finding you, new patients and others interested in connecting with you.


Add Connections


The quality of your connections is most important, but the number is also relevant. For the pain management professional who seek to improve the quality of life of their patients, you never want to just connect with someone who you would not want to be associated with. Adding connections grows your 1st degree connections, or those you are directly connected with. Second degree connections are connections of your 1st degree connections. Third degree connections are connections of your 2nd degree connections. Linkedin allows you to ask for others to introduce you to people you are not directly connected with.



Give and Ask for Recommendations


Giving and receiving recommendations really enhances your reputation. Giving them means your recommendation appears on the profiles of prominent people you know. You will be seen there. Receiving recommendations verifies your past work and achievements and professional standing. Consider connecting with other professionals such as occupational therapists and physiotherapists, among others.


Join Groups


For pain management practices, you can join Groups of similar practitioners and groups of people looking for professional answers. When you join and comment, post an article or answer questions in a group, these are emailed to the entire group. This expands the reach of your activity. You can even start your own group, but I’ll write about this alter.



Answer Questions


Posing and answering questions allows you to be seen and known as an expert in your field and a thought leader.

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