Words We Affirm Have Power

Affirmations, or repeating words or phrases out loud do have the power to keep us attuned to the definitions and to the outcomes they define and engender. Here are a few of mine. What are yours? Continue reading “Words We Affirm Have Power”


Performance Measures for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations touch every aspect and demographic in our modern society. Typically seen as “charity organizations”, they comprise a much more diverse group of orgizations including; religious, social service agenceis, some healthcare organizations, membership-based associations, educational establishments, arts and culture enterprises among others.
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When Trying Harder Just Does Not Cut It

. . . . Upon arrival, the first signs of trouble emerged, too many customers for the two employees on duty to handle. Waiting patiently (well mostly patient!), we were informed politely by our Customer Service rep that the full size car we had paid for was not available. She was sorry, other customers had not returned their rentals on time, thus “our car” was not back yet. She did promise to check to see what was available which is when the real trouble began. I thought, “this can happen.”
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