Process Improvement

All of us, at work and at home are involved in processes. We may not actually be involved in making something, but we all attend meetings, prepare, read or deliver reports and manage others activities.

At home we shop, attend family functions, social functions such as church and volunteer activities. We are participating in processes in all of these.

Process professionals attribute all organizational problems to  poor processes and 15% to people themselves. This is certainly up for debate.

Consider though, what happens when people are blamed when things go wrong. Immediatly, people start keeping secrets, blame others and stop acting responsibly. When you focus on fixing processes, everyone can participate. And in the process of fixing processes, you often find out who your top performers really are and who is just pretending or hiding behind processes that do not deliver value to the customer.

This is the reason every organization, whether successful or struggling can benefit from a Process Improvement Review.