What would happen if the people in
your organization worked hard, were focused, were
respectful, had integrity in their dealings with customers
and suppliers and had cutting edge tools to accomplish

Robert L. Sayre has 25 years in business and
non-profit leadership experience. What would happen
if the people in your organization worked hard, were
focused, were respectful, had integrity in their dealings
with customers and suppliers and had cutting edge tools
to accomplish these? I develop programs that foster
PERFORMANCE CHARACTER or best work and high level
performance and MORAL CHARACTER. I use Lean and
Six Sigma to help companies succeed and character
education to help them sustain it.

Past Experience: (Highlights only)

Book Division Manager: Rodale, Inc.
As business manager for the Book Division at Rodale, Inc.,
he supervised the royalty and product cost accounting
and provided marketing and business analysis for the
division while it grew from $86 million to $260 million.

Design & Construction Director: iZone Group, Inc.
This multifaceted responsibility comprised both
creative and execution functions. He coordinated a
team of employees and subcontractors to design and
build stores, fixtures and signage for 75 retail locations
well as the fixtures for 650 points of
sales through wholesale partners.

Consultant to Publishers Circulation Fulfillment
He developed and deployed an in-house training
program on Business Process Mapping and converted
an in-house Fulfillment training program to an
on-line system.

BA International Economics: Cal-Poly Pomona
Six Sigma Green Belt-Villanova University
CAD Level 1: Northampton Community College

Quotes and Recommendations

He worked to build strong business processes in very
intelligent ways that made sense for everyone in our
organization. Great communication and great advice – he
was very customer focused.”
Mike Phelan-Publishers Circulation Fulfillment, Inc.

“Rob has the ability to make complex issues simple to
understand and execute into achievable results. Rob’s
negotiating skills are impressive with a low key approach
often disarming any kind of obstacles by his friendly but
effective communications always.”
Neil Angelino-Partner, Main Street Realty Group

He introduced Lean Business Process improvements in
the graphic design, production and distribution departments
which led to a greater and efficient through-put.
Dan Tannenbaum-Williams Lea, Inc.

Rob was responsible for the move of our company to
ots current location in New Jersey. This project involved
renovations that exceeded $1,000,000 and complex
logistics that allowed the firm to be fully functional
during the relocation. Michael Sommer-iZone Group, Inc.

“Rob has an uncanny ability to focus on what’s important.
Couple this with his ability to be direct and frank about
challenges makes Rob a terrific leader.”
Eric Wenzel-Publishers Circulation Fulfillment, Inc.

Keynote Topics

• The Nexus of Character, Quality and Process
• Why Character Matters in Business: 7 Ways to
View Character
• The Pillow Menu: Strategies for Delighting
Your Customers
• Why Trying Harder Just Does Not Cut It
• Is Your Company Leaking Cash?
• Critical to Quality: Common Sense Six Sigma


Topics, workshops and consulting he can lead are:

• Business Process Mapping
• Process Excellence: Increasing Sales and
Customer Focus
• Business Process Improvement
• Business Process Mapping 101
• Lean, Kaizen Blitz and Kanban
• Six Sigma and Quality Improvement:
Plain & Simple
• Direct Marketing
• Developing on-line training programs
• Strategic Business Plans
• Warehouse Layout and Design Optimal
• Project Management 101


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  1. Been thinking about you this fall. I’m a board member of the New Thought Center of Hawaii and have been galvanizing the board into putting New Thought into Action. SFA seems to be coming of age. Who would have thought it would take 20 years for “Sustainable” to become a buzz word!

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