Mitt Does Not Need to Defend Republicans

Let’s get to the point. Bush went into two wars and neither he nor the Congress had the gumption to raise taxes or question the validity of these wars in any meaningful way.  Bush made drunken sailors look like paragons of restraint in terms of spending. Obama did inherit a mess, no doubt about it.

What did Obama do? Well, he did appoint a Bi-partisan Debt Commission. I thought, “a good first move.” And the result of the report was quite promising. At this point in his Presidency, Obama, after being elected by a healthy margin could have told his Democratic and Republicans in the Congress, “look guys, we have tough issues to tackle and I am backing this report.” You can either get on board or get out of the way.”

What did he do? He ignored this sensible report and forged ahead with the “stimulus plan.” Now 3 1/2 years later, we are still mired in an economic slowdown and political gridlock.

My advice to Mitt Romney. Admit that Bush and the Republicans made huge errors and that Obama has made things worse. You are the outsider and have the credentials to possibly clean things up. Dust off that Debt Commission report and tell the truth. Be yourself, don’t apologize for making a lot of dough, at least it was done honestly. You have a wonderful family, no skeletons (that we know of) in the closet and seem like a good family man.


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