Re-thinking Individual Responsibility and Public Expenditures

This is a huge subject. I’ve been mostly silent on this blog for 2 years, immersed in public policy and government issues. Three areas that I’ve been working in have been:

  • Municipal government, from the County down, mostly.
  • Schools-how education fits into the local economic and cultural spheres
  • Energy & Environment-these arenas seem to be growing in importance.

What seems like a mundane and staid area, municipal government is, in realty where democracy and citizenship meet the the real challenges a community, your community faces. It is bureaucratic, complicated and slow, frustrating almost all the time. Still, public servants and workers here work to serve our common needs.

How can we make our schools both Smart, ie ones that really educate our children and prepare them for the future and Good, places that instill core ethical principles that help our children become responsible citizens. This is what”smart and good” schools should be about. Don’t we want this for all our children, not just our own? I do.

The care of our natural environment and our use of energy are linked like never before. There are no absolutes here, but a search for opportunities and a balance between development and protection. This is no easy task.

I will be writing much more often on these and other subjects here. 


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