Pennsylvania Takes in $128 Million from Leases on National Forests

The Rendell Administration took in a cool $128 million (or will once the companies who won the bids pony up) in an auction for the right to drill for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale deposits in Pennsylvania.

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2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Takes in $128 Million from Leases on National Forests

  1. Normally, I’m not very keen on politics in general – however, on occasion all of us have to pause for thought. There are several excellent issues raised here, and I am taking notice – thanks.

    1. The issue is important. Clean water is essential, but so are jobs and so is a domestic energy source that can be a bridge between oil and coal and renewable technologies. This is natural gas. Natural gas in the Marcellus shale deposits are plentiful in WV, PA, NY and Ohio, but they also pose environmental issues. This is something we need to watch and stay informed about. The development of this new source of energy has the potential to threaten the water supply of 100 million people, provide tens of thousands of jobs for 30-40 years and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It is not a simple matter.

      Stay tuned.

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