The Next Big Areas for Quality To Address

TQM and the entire development of the Quality Movement and Principles is headed toward several key areas. These are:

1. Government
2. Public/Private Partnerships

More and more critical services are being managed and delivered by either government or a public/private partnership. There are already many examples of quality initiatives in government, but it is still in its infancy. Using Quality tools to address public/private partnerships, I think will emerge over the next then years as a new area to be developed.

Consider the health care debate for a moment. If you strip away the rhetoric from the left and the right, you have a series of debates and often fundamentally different points of view.

The Quality Perspective views citizens as the final customer and a variety of interests and groups as stake holders. Sorting out how to deliver services and in what capacity is a common problem addressed by Quality practitioners. Eliminating waste and delivering effective and efficient solutions is what Quality is all about.

The tools used, six-sigma, lean, TQM, leadership development or whatever are just that, tools.

I think that another component needs to be added to effective and efficient and that is ethical.

So my mantra these days is effective, efficient and ethical solutions for the common good.


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