Using SMARTER for Better Delegation

Poor outcomes in delegation are often the fault of unclear communication and expectations. As a leader, it is your role to ensure this does not happen. Continue reading Using SMARTER for Better Delegation


Performance Measures for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations touch every aspect and demographic in our modern society. Typically seen as “charity organizations”, they comprise a much more diverse group of orgizations including; religious, social service agenceis, some healthcare organizations, membership-based associations, educational establishments, arts and culture enterprises among others.
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After Action Reviews

Consider for a moment what the Army and the other armed services to from a training and systems thinking point of view. They take thousands of young, untrained men and women and within a very short time, they are part of teams that learn, function and accomplish tremendously difficult tasks. At the same time real bonds of commitment to the mission and to each other are formed. What they are already doing in many ways is what corporations and government is struggling with. Consider one tool they use, The After Action Review.
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