The Path to High Performance in Government

I recently visited with the folks at the High Performance Government Network in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. If you have not heard of this, hopefully you will soon. Below is a checklist they developed to help municipal governments assess where they stand on the path to high performance.

The HPG Network is one of the most innovative initiatives applying Lean Six Sigma to solve government problems and provide leadership and business management training to this sector of our society.

The Path to High Performance

10 steps to becoming a high performing government

1. Your city/town has a clear, concise vision and mission statement that align your organizational values.

2. Your city/town has a Strategic Action Plan that sets out 3-5 key organization-wide goals; and 3-5 key organizational goals for each division and employee that all align to the organization-wide goals.

3. Your city/town has a Learning Organization culture where employees are empowered and encouraged to continuously improve their work processes.

4. The divisions and departments of your city/town operate as a unified, integrated system, rather than as independent business functions.

5. Your city/town regularly reviews processes and services, including technology, to ensure that they truly add value to your customers (citizens).

6. Your partner regularly with other elected officials and business leaders to share best practices and solve problems.

7. Your department leaders and managers know what factors enhance or hinder employee performance and regularly practices behaviors that promote excellence.

8. You use the following tools and resources in your organization:

• Balanced Scorecard
• Outcome Mapping
• Human Performance Improvement (HPI) methodology
• Lean Six Sigma
• Activity Based Management

9. Your organization has methods in place to measure:

• Unit cost of services delivered
• Effective use of technology
• Effectiveness of programs and initiatives
• Customer Satisfaction
• Employee Satisfaction & Performance

10. Your performance metrics align with your strategic action plan and goals.

If any of these statements does not describe your city/town, the High Performance Government Network can help. Please contact us at (260) 439-8373 for more details.


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