Productivity Improvements Can Save Millions

Productivity improvements at a Portadown company are being used to highlight how local businesses can make significant cost savings that could help them weather the recession. The Centre for Competitiveness (CforC) is organising for representatives of dozens of businesses to visit Seagoe Technologies this morning (Friday April 3, 2009) when the company will outline how it has saved significant amounts of money through a series of initiatives to improve productivity.

In the last three years, Seagoe has reduced assembly line stoppages by 89 per cent. It has also cut the number of units needing reworked on the assembly line by 35 per cent and has reduced steel wastage by 60 per cent. The company has also saved more than £100,000 through energy efficiency programmes.

CforC Chief Executive, Bob Barbour, says that all of these improvements have led to significant bottom line benefits. Mr Barbour says: “Seagoe Technologies has made large productivity advances in the past three years which have positioned the company strongly to continue to succeed in the face of very strong economic headwinds. Its continuing commitment to improvement initiatives will ensure that it continues to minimise costs and maximise sales.”

“By adopting a similar approach to continuous improvement, other local businesses can also save large amounts of money that could be the difference between success and failure as the marketplace conditions they face deteriorate,” Mr Barbour adds.

Seagoe Technologies General Manager Graeme Scott says: “Seagoe views being a world class manufacturing company as a priority to ensure that we can protect and grow our position both in current and potential markets. To us this means maximising customer satisfaction, increasing flexibility and minimising costs. We’ve used the concept of Mission Directed Work Teams to ensure that we involve our employees in managing and improving our operations in a structured manner that aligns the priorities in each area with the overall company objectives. These teams have provided a strong foundation for the various lean tools we’ve used.”

In January, Seagoe Technologies was the highest placed private sector organisation in the CforC-organised Northern Ireland Quality Awards. Seagoe Technologies General Manager Graeme Scott also won a Corporate Leadership Award.


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