Can Lean Six Sigma Help our Schools?

I’ve been increasingly interested in how to apply Lean and Six Sigma to the Public Sector. In our State of Pennsylvania, there is a proposal from the Democratic Govoner to consolidate the over 500 school districts into around 100, or less.

I was also happy to find that our local newspaper, The Morning Call had posted all the costs and performace information from the Department of Education on their web-site.

Delve into the data by entering your home county on the link on this blog.

Still, there is a lot of data, but useful information is harder to find. Do their metrics make sense? Does knowing the average teacher salary help anyone understand what can be done to improve our schools? I’m not convinced they do.

I’ve also added a link for a UK site called Systems Thinking. This link is also posted here.

With the world economy in flux and governments around the world taking actions they hope will make a difference, the application of Lean and Six Sigma seems more relevant than ever.


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