Business Process Mapping

Consider for a moment how much we rely upon visual signs. Consider the US Highway system.

From Business Process Mapping Course We Offer
From Business Process Mapping Course We Offer

And what is used to control this huge volume of traffic? Visual Signs.


Signs helps us navigate safely, provide commerce a relilable and efficient modeĀ of transportation and also are (for better or worse) the main means of private transportation.


When was the last time you came to an intersection with no traffic signals working? How did this make you feel?


Most companies not only do not have Visual Maps of their work flows and processes, often there is no consistent method of explaining processes and procedures.

Try to imagine a traffic system that relied upon handbooks and written explanations. Well, this is precisely what we expect of our employees and customers.

When your customers engage with your company or non-profit, are you providing them with clear, visual signs or not?

This costs your enterprise in terms of lost sales, reduced customer satisfaction, higher internal costs and overall less operating capital.

Standardized processes are maximized through Visual Signs. This is a core idea within Lean. Learning to create Process Maps is something that every manager and employee can learn.

Any enterprise, whether it is a for profit or non-profit can benefit.


To find out more about Business Process Mapping, contact us.


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