Business Intelligence & Optimization Among Top 5 Trends in 2009

Top 5 Business Trends and Technologies for 2009

PNMsoft’s analysts have highlighted the top 5 trends and technologies that will be strategic for most organisations in the business sector. These trends will have a significant impact on all organisations in the coming year.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) tools will continue to have a strategic affect on organisational business performance.
BI tools enable managers to make quicker, better and more-informed decisions that will improve business performance.
They enable business stakeholders to have more visibility over their business processes and foresee future problems, using trend analysis, thus enabling managers to take a proactive approach, instead of dealing with problems after they have spiralled out of control.
Investment in BI analytics will allow for organisational insights, expense spending ROI, business optimisation and will improve the bottom line. Utilising BI tools on business processes will have a dramatic impact on the organisation by changing, growing and transforming the business.

Green IT

Social responsibility and Green IT will be higher on the business agenda. New government regulations will promote higher emphasis on socially responsible business environments, driving organisations to utilise Green IT solutions that address them.
Companies will shift to paper-less products and approaches that allow them to lower their carbon footprint and create a green operating environment for technology.

Workflow as a service

Software as a service (Saas) will continue to grow in 2009. Bandwidth limitations, performance obstacles and IT administration issues are no longer an issue for SaaS providers, and they frequently offer better security and uptime than organisations can achieve internally. Organisations that are choosing SaaS deployments are saving money by renting the software from the SaaS provider instead of paying a large upfront licensing fee. Hardware maintenance is the responsibility of the SaaS provider, enabling organisations to cut down on internal their IT staff.
Workflows are now successfully being deployed into a web-server that enables developers to build the workflows and run them over the web.

Government will play an increasing role

Global economic turmoil, banking regulatory failures and market down will lead to a greater government intervention in the economy. The government will take a more active role in managing and regulating the economy. Government spending on welfare and security is expected to rise. We are also likely see substantial government spending increases through large economic recovery packages.

Business Optimisation

With the economy in recession, businesses will focus on cash flow, cost containment, customer retention and survival. But the economic stress will also lead to a wave of organisational optimisation. Driven by the need to improve productivity and increase customer value, businesses will re-evaluate, re-design and refine their staff, processes and business models.
Organisations will deploy business process management (BPM) tools into their business enabling them to improve organisational efficiency, minimize risks, enforce organisational policies and reduce internal process complexity. Users will be able to respond faster, streamline operations and automate manual tasks.


PNMsoft has a comprehensive BPM offering that provides developers, architects and IT professionals with the tools, technologies, framework and guidance for building and maintaining BPM solutions and provides business users with personal productivity software that can help your organisation increase productivity, lower costs, and promote organisational agility by streamlining and optimising business processes.

For more details on PNMsoft’s BPM & workflow software,
please contact us or call Paul Sheridan: +44 (0) 192-381-3420


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