Seizing the Moment, Obama’s Inaugural Address

Listening to the 2nd Inaugural address delivered by President Obama and the whole pageantry of the occasion, I was struck by two themes; we the people and fairness. His theme of “we the people’ included the issues of; keeping the promise of social security, medicare and medicaid; responding to global climate change; fairness in how we somehow respond to wage and income differences, gender, equality and immigration. For readers, here is the full, actual text of this speech. And thank your for inviting Myrlie Evers to speak. That was a treat. Continue reading “Seizing the Moment, Obama’s Inaugural Address”

Six Rules for the Effective Non-Profit

Non-profit organizations whether they are small, storefront churches, the American Red Cross or anything in between really have to learn a few basic rules to be successful. Continue reading “Six Rules for the Effective Non-Profit”

Four Things an Effective Leader Does to Create a Safe Learning Environment

There is a great story of a up and coming executive in a company who made a critical judgement in assessing the marketplace and lost the company over $10 million. This was a large company, so it did not threaten its survival, but it was a significant error and loss. When he met with the CEO of the company to discuss the issue, Continue reading “Four Things an Effective Leader Does to Create a Safe Learning Environment”

Words We Affirm Have Power

Affirmations, or repeating words or phrases out loud do have the power to keep us attuned to the definitions and to the outcomes they define and engender. Here are a few of mine. What are yours? Continue reading “Words We Affirm Have Power”